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I grew up boating in Rhode Island, my parents required us to take the USCG Safe Boating Courses before we were allowed to operate any boats on our own. We lived near the Barrington River and had a 14’ Cape Dory, a 14’ Boston Whaler, a Sunfish, two prams, a hydroplane I built myself, and just about every type or water toy there was. I learned how to swim, sail, row, water ski, fish, navigate, fix boats, build boats, trailer boats, service docks and moorings, and was pretty much a hands on guy who loved building/fixing things and being out on the water.

I gave college a try but found my true self back home working at the local boatyard as the shipwrights helper. It was the yard all the America’s Cup Syndicates used so I was involved in making modifications, fairing and refinishing on the aluminum 12 Meters. From there I moved to a fledgling custom boat builder in Bristol where I learned all aspects of composite boat building on the racing yachts we built there.

California Dreaming I packed up my tools in 1985 and headed west to Los Angeles. I found my skills as a boat builder were welcomed in Marina del Rey where I started my own yacht customizing and repair business. Taking on pretty much everything that came my way I became skilled in design and fabrication using wood, fiberglass, plastic, and metal. Most of all I became skilled at working directly with clients and networking within the industry.

In the early 1990’s I began racing Star Class sailboats. It afforded me the chance to travel worldwide competing with and against the best sailors in the sport. For quite a while I made a living being on and around these beautiful yet technical one design sailboats, it was also when I first got involved in boat transport and logistics.

Nowadays I enjoy a variety of endeavors. This website highlights my experience and skills in each one, please contact me to discuss how I can work for you!